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Artist Studio / Photography Studio Space Rentals

Detox Gallery is excited to announce our collaboration with Highside Workshop to provide a creative space for artists and photographers to come together. Submit your interest in monthly art studio/photo studio space rentals at Highside Workshop in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY)

Highside Workshop is a collectively owned and operated third space for creatives of all kinds. It's a rare place where artists, musicians, woodworkers, and chefs can freely work and hang out under the same roof. 

As organizations that operate as cooperatives, both Highside Workshop and Detox Gallery's goal is not to make more money than we need, but rather to build an environment that fosters community, collaboration, and creativity (while keeping the place open).

Come make things with us! 

To get a better visual of the space, visit @highsideworkshop on IG.

Video Tour

Get on the List

Sign up and we will reach out to schedule an in-person tour of the space!

Thanks for submitting! Someone from the Detox Gallery team will reach out to you soon.

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